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Humanism selective Elie Wiesel

Humanism selective Elie Wiesel
Given the dizzying drop in popularity around the world and especially at home, the terrorist Bush has appealed to his friend Elie Wiesel, the Zionist to make the White House. The mission entrusted to the Nobel Prize, under the guise commendable, Cache very badly crapuleuse a decision to make a puppet state (like the Kurds in Iraq) in one of the richest untapped Sudan.

In Nobel prostitute, he was asked to use his prestige to wear sensitizing effect of USA on the plight of Christians in Darfur that the Islamists intend to exterminate quietly. First program of action: marches denouncing all U.S. cities until the Sudanese dictator abdicated its sovereignty over a part of Sudan which is coveted for its considerable mineral wealth that the colonial looters had not the time to extract when the country belonged to them in the name of law of the jungle.

Not surprisingly, Elie Wiesel did not pray. Car, commit his prestige "moral" for a terrorist state that has decided to "démo_khra_tiser" the world Arabo_islamique by napalm, missiles patriots, famine and the Bible ... It was working to consolidate the foundations of another puppet state which was designed from scratch at the heart of the Arab world by the coalition Euro_américaine.

For once, we could not resist the temptation to ask Elie Wiesel to use its prestige to wear his friend cyclical Bush so that he and his killers understand and agree that the Palestine has never been a country without a people that the Allies Euro_américains, without consulting their Arab friends, had generously offered to a people without a country. On behalf of the law of the strongest, of course.

Sixty years after the abuse of Bush and his peers English and french insist to deny that, because of them, Palestine fell under the boots of a Nazi who reported every minute by atrocities comparable to those committed by the slavery of South Africa, those of the Gestapo and of the french colonialism ...

Sixty years after the abuse of Bush and his peers french and English continue to resent the child because the Palestinians have found only one way to assert independence and to attract the attention of the UN on their agony: being detonated in a crowd of settlers and assimilated Zionists ...

What about?

They play for the deaf, the blind, stupid for not taking their responsibilities for a people they had condemned in 1919 (not 1948) to the wandering, the slow death, the lack identity at the orphanage. This is the barbarism of Nazi Zionist colonialist system that pushes the despair of the oppressed to the extreme of the extreme: the suicide bomber.

This move towards the worst is normal if I take all stages of the negotiations and failures.

What got the Palestinians to Camp David, despite the unimaginable concessions made by Arafat to the U.S.?

What the Palestinians received in Oslo, Madrid, Sharm ECHEIKH?

Nothing. promises never fulfilled ...

Nothing, the genocide in Sabra and Chatila by Sharon wanted and executed by his harkis Lebanon under the watchful eye of the Zionist army. The operation was planned and followed by Sharon's cabinet so that there would be no survivors, to babies who are gestating in the wombs of their mothers.

Nothing, the carnage of Jericho and Bethlehem.

Nothing, the intensification of colonial settlements ...

There, the division of Gaza and the West Bank ...

Nothing, the killing of El Quds ...

There, the murder of children ...

Nothing, bombing residential areas ...

Nothing, demolition of houses ...

Nothing, isolation and the poisoning of Arafat after years of humiliation under house arrest in his palace razed half. Situation without precedent in human history ... Arafat, who had nothing more to give to the Zionists because he had been brought to its knees by the Americans after the multiple betrayals of the Europeans and Arab dictators who, themselves, were required of teachers in Washington.

No, do not think we have lost sight that the "big" Elie Wiesel is behaving as if the Palestinian people and Palestine as fictions were invented by Jacques Vergés, Mourad Bourboune, Noam Chomsky, Roger Garaudy, the Abbé Pierre, the men who reject all forms of racism and injustice. These men and Zionist lobbies. Despite their power, could not tame either by terror or corruption.

We just thought, in a moment of complacency, a Nobel laureate is likely to a burst of honor, especially when he owes his position to a discrete work backstage during a political given (the torturers and war criminals have obtained this distinction).

When children suffer and die under the same conditions experienced by the Elie Wiesel child under the boots of a brutal occupying force, it is not impossible that the painful memories of the past (1939-1945) have l effect a saving on electroshock amnesia who have become accomplices of the perpetrators or perpetrators of eulogy or of executioners. Sometimes just a slight jolt.

Wiesel could guide the butcher of Iraq who do not know what he wants or what he did in the Arab world because of his Zionist advisers, like Perle, who in turn ass.

When Bush ordered Mahmoud Abbas to hold genuine elections while commanding the Palestinian voters to boycott candidates from Hamas, by threatening to starve if the vote results will not conform to its desires (the continuation of the corrupt) What kind of democracy does it apply?

When Bush banned Mubarak of tampering with results of the election, then permitted to do as he wants to remain in power, what kind of democracy he defends?

In Palestine, after elections recognized by all international observers, Hamas candidates have won. Bush immediately blocks the charity that the U.S. Treasury paid to the Palestinian state. At the same time he orders his harkis, Arab dictators, to demonize the democratically elected government which is opposed to selling the country ... selling which was imposed to Mahmoud Abbas.

What does it tell us?

Where is the respect of free choice of the people to elect their representatives?

Free choice is inviolable, even sacred in Western Europe and America where the only way to cheat is to buy votes before the voting.

Democrats are guaranteed that the Arabs by the Zionists and the Arabs who graze in the feeding of Uncle Sam

The strategy of Bush and his coalition Euro_australienne is archiconnue in all third world countries: igniting wars, starvation, impoverishment.

Precariousness cause serious social and economic disorder. Social disorder generate economic repression. And Punishment destabilize governments unwanted by the crimes of Washington teachers who use all crapuleries and all crimes imaginable (see Iraq) to dominate the world.

We do not be surprised if Wiesel remain insensitive to our call proactive. The opposite will surprise us.

Hundreds of times it was Wiesel demonstrated that it is also racist that Sharon, Netannyahou, Hitler, Sarkozy, Rumsfeild Bush in the eyes of Palestinians who remain forever a fiction and Arab infrahumains against all morality and logic, it was nobélisé. This is the great strength of the Zionist lobby.

Hocine Mahdi.Le 10 May 200

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